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A New Cottage Garden

The ground required drainage, levelling and major soil improvement work before planting. These pictures were taken whilst work was still under way in the garden in late September 2012. With plants still to fill out, the garden already has structure and colour and plenty of berries to attract the birds, who did not take long to arrive. The sheltered patio is carefully placed to enjoy the lovely views without suffering from the prevailing wind. Planting areas include a circular cottage garden lawn, a Spring and woodland garden and a windbreak of hardy scented roses.


New build homes offer particular opportunities and challenges. In this case it was important to direct the main view towards the snow capped hills and away from the boundary fence (still to be built in these pictures). Getting the garden planned out at this early stage is really important to make the best use of any landscaping intended by the developer. New build homes tend to have damaged and compressed soil which will not support planting, or even turf, in the long term unless properly assessed and improved at this stage.


Client Testimonial

"Jayne has created a lovely garden from a sea of mud and builders’ rubble. The garden sits well in our country house setting and compliments our house beautifully. It also meets our requirements for something easy to maintain. All in all we are thrilled with Jayne and her team’s work and are looking forward to sitting taking in our stunning new surroundings."
Bill and Eleanor Wilson, Aberfeldy