Creating Elegant Gardens
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A garden for wildlife

The new design was inspired by Charles Jenck’s Garden of Cosmic Speculation, which the clients particularly admired. The slope is made into an asset, a chance to play with landforms and to create grassy terraces, with a stone retaining wall backing the wildlife pond and bog garden to provide shade and shelter. Steps lead down into a sunny crescent, surrounded by herbaceous planting selected to be pollinator friendly as well as beautiful with lots of blues, creams and yellows. There is a little orchard with local Scottish varieties of fruit tree amongst wildflower meadow and wild areas are left for native species in front of the newly pleached hawthorn hedge. The vegetable garden has been transformed into a series of substantial raised beds which gave bumper organic crops in their first summer. Near the house conifers have been replaced with shrubs carrying berries for birds and indeed the whole garden is alive with birds, bees, butterflies and pond life in its first season.


This large north facing plot had been a family garden for many years but was now proving difficult to maintain. Vegetable beds had become overgrown and stone from the recent extension was lying amongst the long grass so that maintenance was difficult. However, there were lovely views from the house down into the garden and beyond.