Creating Elegant Gardens
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Small Gardens

The Ivy Maud ethos of designing elegant, bespoke gardens applies just as strongly to the smallest gardens as to larger projects. Traditional, small front gardens are favourites of ours. The small gardens of contemporary homes can also become a source of joy, with lots of tender loving design. If you want to create a special garden, of whatever size, do contact us for an initial chat. A glimpse of sky captured by the mirror seat in a tiny Ivy Maud designed garden.


We want great design to be available for all. If you have a very limited budget for your design and build, but a passion for your garden, we will try to tailor some well-placed design input to the budget you have available. Contact us, and we will do what we can to help.

This little cottage garden, which we created on the proverbial shoestring, is full of wildlife and heady scents.